Getting Started with Hancom Office

Welcome to Hancom Office 2020!

Hancom Office 2020 consists of 4 productivity applications including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and PDF applications.




Quick Start

If you have successfully installed Hancom Office 2020 on your PC then you are ready to get to work by creating your first document.

1) First of all, after launching Hancom Office Word you will see the main screen where you can select an existing template to get started quickly.



2) After selecting an appropriate template for your document, you can start editing the content.


3) You can format the text by changing the font style, color, and size easily. 



4) Or you can change any text to a Hyperlink (via right mouse-click context menu) or the Ctrl+K keyboard shortcut.





6) You can also edit the header by going to Insert > Header > Edit Header (or double-clicking left mouse button in the header area). 



5) You can insert your logo image easily > Insert > Picture. After you are finished editing the header, just double-click anywhere on the document body to return.




6) Next the date placeholder text and insert the actual date > Insert > Date/Time



7) After you are finished editing the document, you can save the document as a PDF.



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