Adding a slide background to slides

Provide a background style image collection by modifying the brightness, color saturation, transparency of the theme color, or by combining gradation, picture fill, and so on.


To specify slide background style

  1. Select a slide to change the background style.
  2. Select Design > Background Style.
    Or click the Background Style icon on the Design tab.


  3. In the Background Style image collection, select “Style 4”.
  4. The background of all slides changes to the selected background style.

More Information

Background Style Image Collection

Click the Background Style icon on the Format tab to unfold the image collection.

A background style is an example of a background style created by combining the brightness, saturation, and color transparency of a theme color that is currently applied to a slide master, or by combining a gradient, a picture fill, and so on.

When you change the theme of a document, the background style changes to the shape specified for the theme and background color.

At the bottom of the image collection, the following menu appears.

  • Reset Slide Background

    If you change the background of a specific layout in the slide master view from the background of the master, revert to the original background.

    Reset Slide Background is enabled only when you have selected a layout that uses a different background from the master in the slide master view.

  • Hide Background Graphics

    Hide the background graphic object that was added to the parent slide master (shape, image, chart, etc.) so that it does not appear in the layout.

    Also, if you added a graphic object in a layout and you select it in a slide that uses that layout, the graphic object is not displayed on that slide.

    Hide Background Graphics is enabled only when you insert a graphic object into the slide master and select one of the child layouts or select a slide. It is also enabled when you insert a graphic object in the layout and select that layout on the slide.


Applying background style

Click the style in the background style image collection to apply the selected style to all slides in the current document. Note that when you are using multiple masters, the selected background style is applied to the slides that use the same slide master.

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