Setting up a slideshow

Set various options related to running a slide show.


To set up slide show

  1. Select Slide Show > Set Up Slide Show.
    Or click Set Up Slide Show on the Slide Show tab.


  2. When the Set Up Slide Show dialog box appears, specify the range of the show in Display Slide.
    To start the show by specifying a specific range of the presentation, select Partial and then specify the start and end numbers of the slide.
  3. Specify the color of the pen to be used while going through the slide show in Pen color under Options.
  4. When you are finished, click OK.

More Information

Set Up Slide Show Tab of Set Up Slide Show Dialog Box

Show type

  • Presented by a speaker (Full screen)

    The slide show is presented directly by the presenter in full screen. Use this in a typical environment.

  • Browsed by an individual

    The slide show is presented in the program window. Use this in an environment that sets viewers out of direct control of the show.

  • Browsed at a kiosk (Full screen)

    The slide show is presented automatically in full screen. Use this in an environment where the show repeats until the viewers press ESC.


  • Repeat until <ESC> is pressed

    Repeat the slide show until you press <ESC>.

  • Pen color

    Specify the color of the pen to use when going through the slide show. The pen color can be changed again as the show progresses.


  • Manual

    Select this when you want to switch slide show screens manually.

  • Using timings, if present

    Automatically switch slide screens at specified times to advance the slide show.

Display slide

Set the range in which the slide show is to be performed.

  • All

    Set all pages of the current presentation document to perform the slide show.

  • Partial

    Set the slide show to proceed by specifying a range of pages in the current presentation document. Specify the start and end numbers of the slides.

Multiple monitors

  • Monitor to display slide show

    If you connect two monitors, you can set the monitor to display the slide show. The default value is a default monitor.

  • Use presenter view

    If you are using two monitors connected, specify whether to display the Presenter view on a monitor other than the monitor on which the slide show will be displayed.

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