Adding a password to protect a spreadsheet workbook or sheet

You can protect workbooks so that other users cannot accidentally or intentionally move, delete, rename, insert, or copy worksheets.


To protect a workbook

  1. Click File or Review > Protection > Protect Workbook.
  2. In the Protect Workbook dialog box, select Use Password.
  3. In Password of Set Password, type password and type the same password in Verify.
  4. Click Set.
  5. Right click the sheet tab of a worksheet to check if Cancel Sheet GroupInsertDeleteRename, and Move or Copy are disabled.

To remove workbook protection

  1. In a document with workbook protection, click File or Review > Protection > Protect Workbook.
  2. In the Document Password dialog box, correctly type the password you set in the Password to open edit box and click OK.
    Protection will be removed from the workbook so that the workbook is editable.

To protect a specific sheet

  1. Click File or Review > Protection > Protect Sheet.
  2. Select Use Password in the Protect Sheet dialog box.
  3. Type password in Password of Protect Sheet and type the same password again in Verify.
  4. When password setting is finished, click Set.
  5. Type content in a cell of the protected sheet.
  6. A warning message lets you know that you cannot type content in any cell because the sheet is protected.

To remove sheet protection

  1. Click File or Review > Protection > Protect Sheet in a protected sheet.
  2. In the Document Password dialog box, correctly type the password you set in Password to open and click OK.
  3. Protection will be removed from the sheet so that the sheet is editable.





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