Creating a PivotTable Group

You can create a PivotTable that sets up groups for rows and columns containing sub-data and calculates the sum for each group. You can use Group and Group Field commands to create groups for fields located on rows and columns.


To group PivotTable fields

  1. Select the row field of the PivotTable.

  2. From the PivotTable tab, click Group Field.
  3. Generally, in the Group Field dialog box, Start is inserted with the minimum value and End with the maximum value. Type 10 in By and click OK.
  4. The data from the selected field is grouped into units of ten from the minimum.



Group Field Data

Grouping can only be used if all fields are made up of numbers or dates.

Fields cannot be grouped if they contain data that is not in numerical or date format.


You can group a desired area by using Group.

Select a row field or column field area that has to be grouped and click Group.


You can ungroup an area that has been grouped by using Group or Group Field.

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