Creating a PivotTable from external data

With this feature, you can use Query Wizard to create PivotTable from various types of external data by specifying data location with External Data in the PivotTable dialog box.


To create PivotTable report from external data

  1. Select Data > PivotTable.
  2. In the PivotTable dialog box, select External Data under Select data location and range and click the Import Data button.
  3. Query Wizard is initialized in the Step 1 - Select data source dialog box. To import the external data, select the data source you want to access from Data Source List of the dialog box.

  For detailed instructions on importing external data, refer to Get External Data.


Importing DBF files

To import a dBase file (*.dbf) as external data, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Click Control Panel > Management Tools > Data Source (ODBC).
  2. From the ODBC Data Source Manager dialog box, open the User DSN tab and click Add to add a dBase file (*.dbf).
  3. Once the dBase file has been added, go to the PivotTable - Get External Data dialog box of Cell and click Import Data.
  4. Query Wizard is initialized in the Step 1 - Select data source dialog box. Select the dBase file (*.dbf) that was registered previously from Data Source List and click Next.

  If you select the dBase file and click Add from the Step 1 - Select data source dialog box, "The ODBC dBase driver login failed. Selected sort order is not supported by this operating system." message may be displayed. In this event, click OK and then select the dbf file path from the Select Directory dialog box and click OK to resume Query Wizard.

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