Creating a PivotTable

You can create PivotTable for sorting and filtering the data from large amounts of data.


To create PivotTable report

  1. Open the document you want to create a PivotTable report by clicking File > Open.
  2. Select data area and click Insert > PivotTable.
    Or, click the PivotTable icon in the Insert toolbox.
  3. From the PivotTable dialog box, select the data range to analyze.

    Cell Sheet or Database will be selected by default and data range will be displayed in the edit box.

  4. Specify the location to insert the PivotTable.

    In this case, select New Worksheet and enter a name for the worksheet in Name.

  5. Click Run and the field layout will be inserted into the new worksheet. Drag fields from the Select fields to add to the report list in the PivotTable Field List task pane into the area you want.
  6. The PivotTable has been created on a new worksheet.
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