Using Goal Seek to determine the required value to achieve your goal

Goal Seek is used to find out the required value to get a certain result when the result value changes according to variables.

For example, you can easily find out how much the selling price for a pair of jeans should be to get 3,000 in profit.


To seek a goal

  1. Select a cell that has a variable whose goal value you want to find. For example, select the cell D6.

  2. Select Data > Goal Seek.
  3. In the Goal Seek dialog box, the address of the selected cell appears in Formula Cell. Type 3000 in Value to Find.
  4. Select a cell whose value will change according to the goal value of By changing cell. In this example, select the cell C6.
  5. Click OK.
  6. When the result is displayed in the Goal Seek Status dialog box, click OK.
  7. The selling price appropriate for getting the goal value, 3000 in Margin, will be displayed in the cell C6.


Accuracy of Goal Value

By default, Cell has iteration of 100 times and a maximum change of 0.001. Goal Seek will stop when iteration reaches 100 times or an answer is found within 0.001.

To increase accuracy, click File > Options and change values in Maximum Iterations and Maximum Change in the Formula tab.

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