Adding header and footer

You can choose to insert a couple of lines of text at the top and/or bottom of each page when you print a workbook; such text lines are called Header and Footer respectively. Header and footer generally consist of document title and page number.


To create a header and footer

  1. Click File > Page Setup or the Header/Footer icon in the Insert tab.
  2. When the Page Setup dialog box appears, select the Header/Footer tab.
  3. Click Edit button in Header.
  4. In the Header dialog box, enter text to display in the header, apply formatting, insert page number and/or date, and click OK.

    In this case, place the cursor in Center Section, click the Font icon to select Gulim, 9pt, bold in the Format Cells dialog box, enter Hancom in Center Section, and click OK.

  5. When the Header dialog box closes and the Page Setup dialog box opens, click Preview to preview the new header.
  6. To set up the Footer, select File > Page Setup.
  7. When the Page Setup dialog box reappears, select the Header/Footer tab.
  8. Select - 1 - (Show Page Number) from Footer list, and click Edit.
  9. When the Footer dialog box appears, confirm - & [Page Number] - in Center Section, place the cursor in Right Section, and click the Date icon.
  10. Make sure that Date has been inserted in Right Section and click OK.
  11. Click Set to close the Page Setup dialog box, and a preview screen with the new header/footer will be displayed.
  12. Make sure that the header/footer has been properly applied.

    In this case, the header shows Hancom, the center section of the footer shows page number and the right section of the footer shows today's date.

  13. Click File > Print to start printing.
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