Adding a watermark to your document

You can set picture watermark or text watermark to apply to the document only when you print. It allows you to keep your document secure by adding a security watermark pattern.


To apply text watermark

  1. Click Page Layout > Watermark.
  2. In the Watermark dialog box, select Text Watermark.
  3. To use the watermarks provided by the program, select the desired language from the [Language] list. Select the desired language from Language.
  4. Select one of the watermark text provided from Text to Input.
    Or, Type text to use as a watermark.
  5. In the Font list, select a font and set the Size to ‘Auto’.
  6. Select Semitransparent so that the text watermark is dimmed.
  7. Click OK to insert a watermark into the document.
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