Adding hyperlinks to files, websites, emails

Hyperlinks provide references or links to areas within the active document, to other documents, to Web pages, to e-mail addresses, etc. from specific locations in current document.

More Information

Hyperlink Dialog Box

Text to Display

Type text to display as a hyperlink. Once it has been connected to a hyperlink, it changes to be underlined in blue.

ScreenTip Text

Type a description to display when the mouse pointer hovers over the hyperlink.

Link to File

  • Existing File

    Select a file stored on your computer.

  • Create New Document

    Create a new document directly and connect to a hyperlink.

  • Edit the New Document Now

    After inserting a hyperlink, open a new document window so you can edit the document immediately.

Link to Current Document

  • Select Location in This Document

    The structure of the selected document is displayed and you choose where to link the hyperlink.

Link to Web Address

  • Web Address

    Select the web address to which you want to connect the hyperlink. Click the drop-down arrow to display a list of recently used web addresses.

  • Browse the Web Icon

    Open the default web browser on your computer. You can browse a web address to connect to the hyperlink in your web browser.

  • Bookmarks in Browser

    Bookmarks of the default web browser on your computer is displayed.

Link to E-mail

  • E-mail Address

    Enter an e-mail address of a recipient.

  • Title

    Enter the e-mail title. You can send an e-mail without entering the title.

  • Recent E-mail Address

    A list of recently used e-mail addresses is displayed.

  • Clear Button

    Clear the selected address from the Recent E-mail Address list.


Display Hyperlink

Hyperlinks inserted in body text are underlined in blue. This mark will appear on the edit screen as well as printouts.

Go to Hyperlink

If you want to move to a hyperlinked location, click the left mouse button or press ENTER while hovering your mouse over the hyperlinked text.

Hyperlink to Objects

To hyperlink objects such as an image, table, drawing object, text box, or equation, select one and click Insert > Hyperlink.

Select Object

To select an hyperlinked object, select it while holding down the ALT key.

Restriction on Running a Hyperlink

Running an unverified external object or link is prohibited by default to minimize potential security risks due to malicious code. If you trust the source, change the document security settings to allow its execution at your own risk.

Advanced Usage

Bookmark and Hyperlink

Bookmark is useful when dealing with a large document and is capable of providing links to bookmarks in other documents when used in conjunction with the Insert > Hyperlink function.

Automatic Hyperlink

It automatically converts web and e-mail addresses typed in the body into hyperlinks.

If you do not wish to automatically replace web addresses with hyperlinks, click File > Options, go to the Edit tab, and then disable Replace URL with Hyperlink.

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