Adding footnotes

You can create footnotes designed for providing short supplementary comments about content in the body text or showing the sources of quoted material.

Footnotes are inserted at the bottom of the pages that have footnote numbers. You can specify type of footnote numbers or location of footnotes in References > Notes Settings.


  1. In the body text, place the pointer behind a word for which the footnote has to be inserted and click References > Footnote.
  2. A footnote number will be inserted at the pointer and the pointer will move to the bottom of the page so that you can type content for the footnote. The Notes tab will display automatically.
  3. Type content next to the footnote number like "1)" that is automatically inserted.


Type Footnote Content

If you run Footnote, a footnote number will be inserted in a position of the body text where the pointer was, and the pointer will move to a position where you will type the footnote content.

Footnote content is separate from the body text. You can specify in detail how to place footnote content in a page in References > Notes Settings.

Delete Notes

If you delete a footnote number in the body text, the footnote of that number will be deleted, too.

You can delete footnote numbers by pressing DELETE or BACKSPACE, just like when you delete regular texts.

Note Number

The footnote will be automatically numbered according to its position in the body text if you insert it in the body text.

You can change the type or style of footnote numbers in References > Notes Settings.

Footnote Inside Table or Text Box

You can insert a footnote inside a table or text box. The content of the footnote inserted in a table or text box will be inserted at the bottom of the page where the table or text box is.

Advanced Usage


The text size of footnotes is usually 2 points smaller than that of the body text but should not be smaller than 8 points.

The text size of endnotes should be smaller than that of the body text but bigger than that of footnotes.

Footnote numbers which are added to the body text are Arabic numerals and must be in the form of superscript. The numbers in the footnote or endnote area are usually in the same size as footnotes or endnotes and do not use parentheses.

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