Save your document as a PDF

This feature allows you to save the active document as a PDF file without printing it from a printer. You can specify the range of a file and the quality of images and set a password or permissions for a new PDF file.


To save as PDF file

1. Open a file to save as a PDF file.


2. Click File > Save as PDF, the Save as PDF dialog box appears.

3. Specify the location in which to save the PDF file and its file name, and click Save.

To set permissions

  1. Click File > Save as PDF.
  2. At the bottom of the Save as PDF dialog box, click the Tools button and click Document Password from the list.


3. In the Document Security Settings dialog box, select the Set permissions for editing and printing the document check box under Permissions to enable the other menus.

4. Select Insert, delete, and rotate pages from the Edit drop-down list or another item.


5. In the Document Security Settings dialog box, click OK.

6.In the Save as PDF dialog box, click Save.

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