Create a table of contents

Table of Contents creates a list of lines containing title with the page number of each line. It is essential for creating a book or an essay.

If the page numbers of the document are changed after completing Create Table of Contents, you are required to run Update Table of Contents.


  1. Type contents to create as a table of contents.
    For this example, type ‘Before Start’, ‘Overview’, ‘Welcome’.
  2. Drag to block select ‘Before Start’ and apply Home > Styles > Title.
  3. Drag to block select ‘Overview’ and apply Home > Styles > Heading 1.
  4. Drag to block select ‘Welcome’ and apply Home > Styles > Heading 2.
  5. Click References > Create Table of Contents.
  6. In the Table of Contents dialog box, set Tab Styles, type ‘3’ in General > Show Levels, and then click OK.
  7. A Table of Contents that consists of ‘Before Start’, ‘Overview’, ‘Welcome’ is created.

Tip: If you have missing entries, your headings probably aren't formatted as headings. For each heading that you want in the table of contents, select the heading text. Go to Home and choose Style box, and then choose Heading 1 (Heading 2 and so on). Update your table of contents.

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