Using the spotlight pointer during presentation

You can give the same effect as using a spotlight with a mouse pointer during the slide show. Spotlight Pointer allows you to highlight certain areas on the slide show.


To use spotlight pointer

  1. Run Slide Show > Start Slide Show or press <F5> to start the slide show.
  2. Right-click on the slide show screen and select Pointer Settings > Spotlight Pointer from the context menu.
  3. The mouse pointer changes to spotlight.
  4. Move the mouse pointer to point to where you want to emphasize and proceed with the presentation.

   You can also change the mouse pointer by selecting the Spotlight Pointer icon () from the slide show hidden menu.


Changing the mouse pointer settings

Selecting Pointer Settings submenu from the slide show context menu allows you to change the mouse pointer back to a default arrow shape or change it to a pen.

Enlarge or shrink the spotlight pointer size

In spotlight pointer state, scroll the mouse wheel up or down to enlarge or shrink the pointer size.

Zoom in the specified area with spotlight pointer

In spotlight pointer state, point to where you want to emphasize and click the mouse to zoom in the area gradually to fill the screen. After zooming in the area, click mouse again to return to the previous state.

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