Adding action buttons to slides

Insert an action button on the current slide to set a specific action to run when you click the button during the slide show.


To insert an action button

  1. Click Insert > Action Buttons to show a set of action buttons.
    Or click the More button () of Shapes icon on the Insert tab to unfolds the image collection and show the Action Buttons group.


  2. Select the Action Button: Forward or Next icon ().
  3. When you move the mouse pointer Move the mouse pointer over to the slide edit window, and it changes to a crosshair (+).
  4. Place the mouse pointer where you want to place the action button, drag the mouse to specify the size of the button, and then release the mouse.
  5. When the Action Settings dialog box appears, select Hyperlink under On mouse click and select “Next slide” from the list, then click Insert.
  6. Once the action button is inserted at the specified location, press <F5> to start the slide show.
  7. Click the action button to move to the next slide.

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Details on action buttons group

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