Adding a chart to a slide

Charts is a function that makes data into a graph to display data changes that will be instantly recognizable.


To make clustered vertical bar chart

  1. Click Insert > Chart or select the Chart icon in the Insert tab.
  2. Select Clustered Vertical Bar chart.
  3. In the Edit Chart Data dialog box, enter category name, series name, and cell values and click OK.
  4. Click outside the chart area to finish creating a chart.

 Repeat steps above to create additional charts.


Modifying Chart

If you right-click the part of the chart you want to modify (title, background, series, x-axis, y-axis), a context menu appears and you can modify the part.

In the Chart Design tab, you can change chart properties such as chart type, axis, legend or else. In the Chart Format tab, you can change object properties such as chart size, position, alignment, rotation and effects.

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