Changing slide orientation (landscape or portrait)

Change the orientation of the slide to portrait.


To change the orientation of the slide to portrait

  1. If the slide orientation is set to landscape, run Design > Slide Orientation > Portrait.
    Or, on the Design tab, click the Slide Orientation > Portrait icon.
  2. The orientation of the slide changes from landscape to portrait.

More Information

Maximize/Ensure Fit Dialog Box

If you change the slide currently set in the Paper Size > Type or Slide Orientation in the Page Setup dialog box to a slide with a different aspect ratio or change the landscape/portrait in the Format > Slide Orientation, the Maximize/Ensure Fit dialog box appears, allowing you to automatically resize graphic objects such as images, shapes, and pictures.

Scale to a new slide size

  • Maximize

    Enlarge the size of the object when scaling to fit a large slide. If you select this item, the object size may exceed the slide.

  • Ensure Fit

    Reduce the size of the object when scaling to fit a small slide.

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