Insert web video into presentation

Use the video address or source code on the Internet to connect to play directly from the current slide.


To link web video

  1. Click Insert > Media > Web Video.
    Or click Video > Web Video on the Insert tab.
    Or click Insert Video > Web Video on the Media tab.
  2. In the Insert Web Video dialog box, paste the video address or source code you copied into the "Video tags" edit box and click Insert.
  3. The linked web video is inserted in the edit window, and the Media tab toolbox appears.



Requires Internet Explorer and Internet connection

To play web video in streaming format that is not stored on your local disk, you must have Internet Explorer installed on your computer that is connected to the Internet.

If the web movie does not play correctly, check your Internet connection and update Internet Explorer to the latest version.

Available input formats

Only the Youtube videos are supported and you can use the following formats in the “Video Tags” edit box:

  •"Unique ID"
  •"Unique ID"
  • <iframe src=“"Unique ID"" ...></iframe>
  • <object> ... %lt;embed src=""Unique ID"" ...></embed></object>
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