Rehearsing timing for slide show presentations

Proceed with rehearsal so that you can anticipate and adjust the slide show time and slide presentation time.

After rehearsing and then using the rehearsal time when performing a real slide show, you can run the presentation at the same speed as you practice.


To perform rehearse timings

  1. Run Slide Show > Rehearse Timings.
    Or click Rehearse Timings on the Slide Show tab.


  2. When the slide show screen is displayed, the duration of the presentation appears in the Rehearse Timings toolbar.
  3. Proceed with the presentation while recording the show progress time for each slide.
  4. When the slide show is finished, you will be prompted to save the time it took for the slide show and its time.
  5. Click Save to finish the show.
  6. The slide sorter screen appears, showing the show progress time for each slide.
    Also, the Use Timings check box appears selected on the Slide Show tab.
  7. If you run Slide Show > Start Slide Show, the presentation starts with the saved rehearse timings applied.


Rehearse Timings Toolbar

When you start the rehearsal, the Rehearse Timings toolbox opens to practice the slide show while adjusting the show time.

  Name Description
Next Move to the next slide, and rehearse timings starts from 00:00:00 again.
Pause Pause the rehearse timings and the total rehearsal time.
Slide Time Displays the time it takes to advance one slide in HH:MM:SS format.
Repeat Rehearsal starts again, with the rehearsal time and the total practice time set to 00:00:00.
Total Rehearsal Time Displays the total rehearsal time in HH:MM:SS format by summing the presentation times of all slides.
Close End the rehearse timings.

Operating with the Automatically after settings

If you prompted "Do you want to save the new slide timings to use when you view the slide show?" when finishing the rehearse timings, click OK. The slide sorter screen appears, showing the rehearse timings for each slide, and each slide is set to Automatically after.

You can check the automatic switching time for each slide under Transition Timing in the Slide Transition task pane. That is, each slide will show the Automatically after check box selected, and the practice time for each slide will be displayed in the edit box.

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