Applying transition effects to slides

Set the transition effect to be applied when a slide show is playing.


To set transition effect

  1. In the Transition tab, select a transition effect.
  2. In the Transition tab, set the Speed ​​to “2.00”.
  3. To add a sound effect during transition, select the sound file you want to use from the Sound list.
    Check Loop to play the sound repeatedly.
  4. If the duration of the slide show is not unspecified, check On Mouse Click to move to the next slide each time you press the mouse.
  5. If you want to apply the same transition effect to all slides, click Apply All.
  6. The effect icon () appears next to the thumbnail of all slides.
  7. Run the slide show to check if the transition effect you specified to the entire slide is applied.


Applying the same transition effect on some slides

To apply the same transition effect to some slides rather than whole slides, change the view of the edit screen to Slide Sorter, select multiple slides, and then set the transition effect.

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