Using design templates to create presentations

Design Templates provides the 15 most frequently used design templates that matches with the selected theme.


To add “Orange” theme design template slide

  1. Click Design > Themes and select “Orange” theme in the Themes image collection.
  2. Once the theme is applied, click Insert > Design Templates.
  3. In the Design Templates image collection, select “Theme Design 8”.
  4. The “Theme Design 8” slide is inserted.


Design Templates Configuration

The most widely used design objects were carefully selected and 15 design template slides that matches with each theme are provided for each theme.

The cover design, sub-title design, insert design and over 10 types of application designs, as well as finish design page are provided for reference to easily create presentation documents.

At the bottom of the image collection, the following menu appears.

  • Add All Designs as New Slides

    15 types of design slide pages are added as new slides.



Design Templates supports predefined design configurations for built-in themes. Non-built-in user-generated documents will have the design configurations of “Hancom Office” theme.

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