Adding autocomplete text for frequently used phrases

AutoText provides a convenient way to enter frequently used phrases and words or symbols that are difficult to type.


To add AutoText from the body text

  1. In the window, enter a phrase you want to add as AutoText and select it as a block.
  2. Click Insert > AutoText > Add AutoText.
  3. In the Add AutoText dialog box, the phrase selected as a block is added as Original Word, and the first word in that block is added as Abbreviation.
  4. Click Insert.

To add AutoText from dialog box

  1. Click Insert > AutoText > Add AutoText.
  2. In the AutoText dialog box, click Add AutoText in the AutoText tab.
  3. In the Add AutoText dialog box, enter Abbreviation and Original Word, and click Set.



Restriction on Abbreviation

An abbreviation can be up to 10 characters long.

If you set a block and add AutoText by pressing ALT+I, only one word will be added as an abbreviation regardless of the word being Korean or English.

AutoText Capacity

You can add up to 1,024 AutoText. If you add a new AutoText when there are already 1,024 AutoText, the older AutoText will be overwritten.

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