Creating a form with form controls

You can set data range that the document receiver has to select, or type data in by using form controls. Form controls make it easy for document users to enter data.


To insert a form control

  1. Type Sex in the cell A1.
  2. Select Insert > Form Controls or click Form Controls in the Insert tab.
  3. In the Form Controls menu, select Radio button.
  4. Drag the pointer below Sex. A radio button named Radio Button 1 will be inserted.
  5. Double-click Radio Button 1 when it is selected, the Object Properties dialog box appears.
  6. Type Male in the String edit box of the Forms tab in the Object Properties dialog box.
  7. Type Female in the same way.
  8. Click Male when nothing is selected by the form control. The radio button will be selected with dots inside it.



Selecting Form Controls

If you hover the pointer on a form control when it is not selected, the pointer is displayed as a hand . If you click the form control when the pointer looks like a hand, the form control will run.

If you right click a form control when it is not selected, it becomes edit mode. The area around it gets marked and the pointer changes to a four-headed arrow  that can move the form control. If you double-click the form control in edit mode, the Object Properties dialog box appears.

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