Replace private information

This feature can search through the active document for format selected by the user in Private Info Options and replaces found instances with characters specified by the user. It does not replace all information regardless of the type of information, but replace specific information with specific characters by selecting its type such as address, account number and so on.


To search and replace

  1. Click File > New and enter data.
  2. Click Review > Replace Private Info > Search/Replace.
  3. From the Protect Private Info dialog box, select Phone and E-mail from Private Info Options and click Replace All.
  4. All instances of phone numbers and e-mail addresses found in the document are replaced with ***.
  5. As the characters were simply replaced with ***, you can delete the change or replace it with other characters.

More Information

Replace Private Info Dialog Box

Private Info Options

Select the information type to replace instances in the document with.

PhoneE-mailCredit Card No., IP Address, and Date of Birth are provided by default. If you require additional patterns, register them under Custom Settings. The registered items can then be selected from Private Info Options > Customize.

If you select Others, you can hide characters by typing them in the edit box on the right.

  • Details on Icons
Icon Name Description
Custom Settings You can create custom settings in addition to the basic items.
Select Pattern Show social security numbers, telephone numbers, birth dates, and other form of numerical information that can be used to identify individuals in a different format.

Selecting Masking Text

Select characters to replace the search result of Private Info Options.

Name Description
****** Replace the search result of Private Info Options with ***. The default value is selected.
~~~~ Replace the search result of Private Info Options with ~~~.
XXXX Replace the search result of Private Info Options with XXX.
Custom Text Replace the search result of Private Info Options with custom text. You can type custom text or insert it from Symbol.

Find Button

Find the selection of Private Info Options one after the other in the document and display it as a block, every time you click Find. If you click it once, the name of the button changes to Find Next.

Replace Button

If you click Replace, change the format found with the characters that match the selection in Select Masking Text.

Replace All Button

If you click Replace All, change all the formats that match the selection of Private Info Options in the document. When replacing all is complete, a message prompts you with information about how many replacements were made.

Close Button

Stop replacing private information and close the Replace Private Info dialog box.

As Replace Private Info is used repeatedly in most cases, it stays on the screen until you close the dialog box by clicking Close.


Private Info Options (Internal Input Type)

PhoneE-mailCredit Card No.IP Address, and Date of Birth provided from Private Info Options are frequently used patterns that have been recorded in the administration file by using regular expressions.

To register additional pattern, click Custom Settings. Custom Private Info Options file (PrivateInfo.ini) is created in the user data folder.

 To check the location of the user data folder, click on the Help icon  on the right side of the menu bar and click About Word > Folder Info.

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